Currently Available In:

Antigua and Barbuda

eSeaClear® is a fast and easy way to clear in and out of port in Antigua. As skipper, it lets you send declaration information to all border agencies before you arrive or depart. It also allows you to manage your vessel, crew and passenger information online.

Proven Performance
Since it started in Antigua for the 2012 season, some 110,000 arrival and departure notices for passengers and crew have been processed online using eSeaClear, aboard 25,000 vessels. The numbers speak for themselves. eSeaClear is an outstanding success in Antigua.

If you would like to see eSeaClear available in other countries in the region, please mention this to the border agencies when visiting neighboring islands.

While we continue to receive positive comments on the eSeaClear web portal, the real kudos should go to Customs, Immigration, National Parks and Port Authority in Antigua for their continued support and enthusiasm. A good team-effort all round.

A copycat service, confusingly called 'SailClear' has sprung up in some regional countries. It may even be introduced as a pilot in Antigua sometime in 2017.

This service has nothing to do with eSeaClear although it claims to offer similar benefits to visitors arriving by sea.

If 'SailClear' does appear in Antigua, please let border officers know which one you prefer to use...