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Antigua and Barbuda


Notice to Pleasure Vessels

  • Every Vessel arriving in Antigua and Barbuda territorial waters must prepare a Customs Inbound declaration form and must clear Customs within 24 hours of arrival.
  • Every vessel clearing out of Antigua and Barbuda must prepare and present a Customs Outbound declaration form and must depart within 24 hours of completing the clearance procedures.
  • Only the master of the vessel or a person designated by the master may proceed ashore to Customs and Immigration. All crew and/or guests must remain on the vessel until the clearing in procedures are completed and permission is granted by Customs to disembark the vessel.
  • A copy of the declaration, printed and certified by Customs, must be retained on board and produced to any Customs or Police Officer on request. Such copy must be surrendered to Customs when a new Clearance is issued.
  • Vessels are to remain at their mooring within a port until permitted by the Customs Officer to go elsewhere.
  • Any Restricted or Prohibited goods (examples Arms, Ammunition, Plant Material and Livestock) must be declared and kept secure on board until Customs permit their disembarkation.
  • Any goods imported at the time of arrival or imported after arriving into Antigua and Barbuda, that are consumed here, are subject to duties and taxes.
  • Any goods imported into Antigua and Barbuda that will be left here, are subject to duties and taxes.
  • The Antigua and Barbuda Customs control and management act stipulates serious fines and penalties for individuals who fail to comply. Failure to adhere to Customs or related laws and regulations, may render the vessel and its contents liable to forfeiture and may result in arrests and penalties to the master and crew.
  • Should you or any persons on board the yacht/vessel intend to remain in Antigua after the departure of your yacht/vessel or to leave the island by some other means, or should any person join the yacht/vessel in Antigua to subsequently leave the island on board, you must ensure that such persons are presented to the Duty Customs/Immigration Officer.
  • Yacht masters must first obtain written permission from the Antigua Port Authority and the Comptroller of Customs before attempting to sell pledge, give away or otherwise disclose of this vessel or any part thereof; neither should the yacht master attempt to hire charter, day charter or otherwise engage in commercial maritime activities without first obtaining written permission from the proper authorities.
  • It is an offence against both Customs and Immigration legislations to make a false declaration and the penalties are severe. If you are in any doubt, contact the Customs and Immigration officers.
  • For up to date Visa requirements for Antigua and Barbuda, please visit the following site: