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Important Message

Changes To The Storage Of Your Personal Data:

If you had an eSeaClear account prior to July 1st, 2012, all of your personal data was stored under the custody of CCLEC, which represents Customs administrations throughout the region. The user agreement and privacy policy were between you and CCLEC.

As of July 1st, 2012, all personal data entered into the new eSeaClear website is stored under the sole custody of eSeaClear. eSeaClear has the sole responsibility of forwarding any advance notifications that you complete to each of the appropriate border agencies in each respective country.

CCLEC took good care of your personal data, and eSeaClear will do no less. However, the personal data that you provided to CCLEC was subject to their privacy and user agreements. As eSeaClear has a different user agreement and privacy policy, none of your existing data will be transferred from CCLEC to eSeaClear.

Therefore, if you choose to use eSeaClear now, you will need to enter your basic information into the eSeaClear database. Prior to doing so, you must read (please do actually read it…) and accept the new Terms of Use and Privacy Policy of eSeaClear.

A further note on data security: eSeaClear servers are co-located at a secure data center in Barbados. Many of the major banks in Barbados use the same facility. It has 24/7 video surveillance, fire suppression and backup generators to ensure a very secure and robust environment, with minimal downtime, for sensitive data storage.

If you have any questions around the change of data custody, please email us at where we will respond promptly.

We hope that, as a previous user of eSeaClear, you sign up again and enjoy the enhanced service it offers.