Currently Available In:

Antigua and Barbuda

eSeaClear® is a fast and easy way to clear in and out of port. As skipper, it lets you send declaration information to all border agencies before you arrive or depart. It also allows you to manage your vessel, crew and passenger information online.

Proven Performance
In the past year over 13,000 people aboard some 3,000 vessels cleared in to Antigua & Barbuda using eSeaClear. The numbers speak for themselves. It was a very successful year for all those involved.

While we receive positive comments on the software, the real kudos should go to Customs, Immigration, National Parks and Port Authority for their continued support and enthusiasm. A good team-effort all round.

Recently we made three enhancements based on your feedback:

  • Guided help for first-time users: New users now have a guided, step-by-step help throughout the registration process to ensure that all required fields of information on vessels, crew and weapons are complete.
  • Streamlined interface: A simpler, more intuitive layout makes it easier for you to create arrival notifications.
  • Easier departure notifications: It is now easier to create a departure notification. Also, upon completion of an arrival notification, you can opt to automatically start your departure process.

Now Available in French
Visitors from the French West Indies can now access eSeaClear in French.

A copycat service, confusingly called 'SailClear' has sprung up in some regional countries.

This service has nothing to do with eSeaClear although they claim to offer similar benefits to visitors arriving by sea.

If you come across this service elsewhere, please let us know what you think of it, and which system you prefer to see region-wide in the future.