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Antigua and Barbuda


eSeaClear is alive and well in Antigua and Barbuda

eSeaClear® - The Free Online Service that Helps You Clear Through Customs, Immigration & Port Authority

Clearing into Antigua & Barbuda can now be faster and more efficient for those arriving by sea.

Prior to departing for Antigua & Barbuda, the Captain of a vessel can register online at and enter information about their vessel, crew and passengers. Upon arrival, authorities can access this information to help expedite clearance. This service is currently available in English Harbour, Falmouth Harbour, Jolly Harbour and St. John’s Deep Water Harbour.

Launched 3 years ago for Customs only, the service has been further developed and enhanced by important user-feedback from yacht skippers and now incorporates all three border agencies: Customs, Immigration and Port Authority.

Making Antigua & Barbuda more yacht-friendly is a key goal of the Ministry of Tourism. Minister John Maginley quickly recognized the benefits of implementing eSeaClear and helped to mobilize the necessary resources to get fully set-up before the start of the 2013 yachting season. Thanks to those efforts Antigua & Barbuda is now the first and currently only country to be fully compliant following extensive training and improved facilities.

eSeaClear is the brainchild of Bob Potter, who said: “We listened to our users and developed eSeaClear with the yacht skipper in mind. The Captains like the faster clearance and the burden of data-entry by the authorities has been eliminated. Everyone wins.”

Using eSeaClear is voluntary. Captains can register with no ongoing commitment. Privacy is paramount and the information submitted is secure within the border agencies. It is never shared with any outside third-party.

User feedback constantly improves the service with the ability to trace instances of difficulty to specific areas (anonymously) and adjust training or procedures, for immediate results. Says Potter “If you use the service, please take a few moments to comment on the experience…good or bad, so that we can continue to evolve the system”.

Mobile apps coming soon as well as the ability to pay moorage and cruising fees online. Stay tuned.

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